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I hate blogs. I know that’s really unproductive to say since I have one, but for the most part I really do. I think it’s because I write in journals daily (Sidebar: I’ve gotten some flack for this in the past. I don’t have a “diary”. Diaries are for tween girls, journals are for writers and thinkers and, I think that the daily exercise of writing about your day serves to unearth an insight from your subconscious about those events which were glossed over in the rush of busyness. Sometimes this comes in the form of simply a relational thought that illuminates to you an opportunity for patience or strength and in some way this gradually improves you. Daily it should be this, rather than the recollection and record activity of a periodical blog. By extension, one could argue that those insights are often deeply personal and not always desirable to share, which is why we separate the two. The writing exercise for me has been one of healing and personal (albeit, grammatical) growth. I’ve read one time that if you keep a journal, it will keep you and I’ve never thought that sentiment could extend to a blog.

But regardless, here we are! With “I Write What I Like” (thanks, Biko), I’ll try my best to craft a convergence of the two above with some recollection and reflection. We’ll (that’s me and you, reader) talk culture, politics and possibly some shit. In my next post, I’ll tell you about the loooooong process by which I procured my Visa, why I empathize with Mos Def/Yasiin Bey and see if my flight actually leaves NY on time.

Smell ya later,


P.S. Sorry for the source-less photo, but if it's yours, let me know I'll give you the cred!

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