October 27, 2018

As we've began the last three blogs, I'll start off with some frank honesty: I decided the title of this post to be “STRANGE TIME IN SALVADOR” weeks ago when I supposed to complete it after the elections but my final week in a half or so, it feels less true because lately, things haven’t felt so strange. Compared to my last two weeks, the first two weeks felt like a lengthy dress rehearsal before the final show intended to iron out all the kinks.  And now that the show's begun, it's time to go,...

October 23, 2018

As promised, I am back. Long since back, actually, but just finally getting around to writing this post. Unintentionally, I spent nearly a week in the interior of Bahia because I loved the place so much (so much so that I briefly regretted allotting Salvador as the second of two Brazilian home bases) but I'll chock it up to a learning experience and troubleshooting for (the inevitable) next time. 

I was still in my South-American-maximalist-interior-design dream of an Airbnb when I decided t...

October 10, 2018

Okay so by time this will be posted it will be a little more than a week (closer to a week and half) and let me tell you now, what a week it has been. 

My day of travel to leave Ilhabela went, as I described to my parents and friends that checked in, divinely well. My taxi came right on time and I sweatlessly lifted my bags out the house. I waited less than 10 minutes for the balsa to come, load and leave. There was a familiar taxi fortuitously waiting on the other side (I used him during my prev...

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February 13, 2016

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