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"Yesterday was hard on (all of) us"

“Yesterday was Hard on (All of) Us” is my first choreographic work, conceptualized by me and my friend and fellow company member, Raquel Rosenbloom. The piece was auditioned and accepted for Black Movements Dance Theater’s  Fall Show, “On the Way Home”, a presentation inspired by Jacob Lawrence’s Migration Series, which was on display at MoMA from April 3- September 7, 2015. The emotional foundation of the piece was derivative of that theme; the work exploring the dimensionality of human emotion in the beginning, duration and ending of a journey following some trying circumstance. It is danced to


an edited rendition of “Yesterday was Hard on All of Us” by Fink, the title summarizing the song's central messaging. While I’m usually a proponent of tacity and subtlety, I’ll clarify that the syntax of the piece’s otherwise eponymous title was an intentional method to the frame audience’s comprehension of the introspective vs. collective struggle Raquel and I wanted to convey through the choreography.


I/We could not thank our dancers enough. “Yesterday” was a largely collaborative effort and could not have come together without the stylistic, choreographic and emotive contributions of each individual dancer.


The piece will also show  in the Spring 2016 show.

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