In defense of riots and looting as a valid demonstrative action 

The conditional state of "being a billionaire" is automatically disqualifying for the presidency on moral grounds 

On how ticketing is evidence of inefficient taxation and government control 

On how. a comprehensive plan to provide for paid parental leave would require a re-ordering of the tenants of American society. 

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On the importance (and impotence) of youth in movements for change. 


On Lil Nas X's "Old Town Road" and the not-so-subtle attempts to keep black people out of country.

On how the music industry capitalizes off artists bad behavior before 
leaving them out to dry. 

From "Black Cowgirl" , a trip to a national park turns confusing with the use of a strange word. 

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On the presentation of black women in art reinforcing and subverting stereotypes.

An essay on forming a positive relationship with eating and food. 

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5 reasons African-Americans should seek out opportunities for long-term travel.

An essay on how my first high school dance taught me to protect myself. 

On my late grandfather, black veterans and their complex relationship with American soil. 

On the beauty of the black gospel choir and fighting anxiety's physical forms. 

On the gross irony of a pro-life movement that doesn't care about living people. 

A travelogue on a journey through the National Parks of the  American West. 

A travelogue on race and beauty in Brazil. 

A poem on the criminalization of black leisure from slavery through the present. 

Contributor post on the Instagram account on the World Cup following Brazil's elimination. 


A critical analysis on who is allowed to enjoy the world's most beautiful beaches in the world's most segregated places. 

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